Ayurveda – Beauty Comes From Within (Part 3)

In the second part of this on-going series, you learnt the definition of dosha and how to recognise your body types as per the Ayurveda concept. But, don’t you want to know the importance of understanding these body types?

Keep reading as we introduce you to the benefits of knowing your body type!

#1. Food and Diet

One of the core principles of Ayurveda is to follow a specific diet based on your body type. Food selection is essential if you want to maintain vibrant health. Once you know which dosha you are, you will learn automatically how to select the most nourishing food for your body constitution.

Each body type requires the consumption and restriction of specific foods.

  • Vata: People with vata dosha are known to benefit a lot from foods rich in proteins and fats. They are recommended to consume more root vegetables, sweet fruits, raw nuts, bread, warm drinks and soups, dairy products and a variety of meats. Water is also essential as they need to stay hydrated. Cold foods like salads, caffeine products and iced drinks should be avoided.
  • Pitta: Those with a predominance of pitta should consume coconut water, sweet fruits, plenty of grains, milk and herbal teas. However, they should avoid spicy and oily food at all costs such as pickles, chilies, and spices. Cheese, alcohol, honey and nuts are other food products that should also be avoided.
  • Kalpha: People belonging to this body class are recommended to eat bitter and raw fruits and veggies. Unlike those with pitta dosha, the kalpha body types can have spicy food, especially during winter. However, sweet and fatty foods are not suitable for people with kalpha dosha.

#2. Exercise Programs

Did you know that any exercise could stimulate blood circulation in the body and bring fresh oxygenated blood to the skin and face?

When it comes to exercise, different doshas have different needs. Knowing your body type will help you in creating the perfect workouts for maximum benefits.

  • Vata: As people with vata usually have light and thin body frames, they need strengthening exercises. Breathing exercises like belly breathing, nostril breathing or bee breath exercises can also prove to be very beneficial. Grounding meditation, which is a healing practice, is also recommended.
  • Pitta: People with pitta body type are already very athletic and have good muscle tone and more intense physical activities is not good. Consequently, cooling activities such as swimming are advised. You can also go for a brisk walk near a body of water.
  • Kalpha: People with a predominance of kalpha tend to have difficulties on choosing an appropriate exercise regime. Both physical and mental exercises are recommended. Activities like meditation, yoga and breathing exercises are essential.

#3. Beauty Treatment

Similar to a balanced diet, proper skincare treatment is equally important. Unlike a piece of clothing that can be easily removed, the skin cannot be detached from the body and therefore, should be well-nourished.

Skincare can only be enhanced when one is aware of his or her body type and once you understand your dosha’s features, the task becomes more manageable.

  • Vata: Due to extremely dry skin, these people should regularly apply moisturizers and avoid using harsh and dry types of soaps.
  • Pitta: As they are sensitive to hot temperatures and can experience skin redness often, cooling agents, moisturisers and naturally smooth ingredients should be used.
  • Kalpha: Kalpha people tend to have an oily skin complexion. Thus, it is recommended that they use good stimulations and alcohol-free toners to remove toxins and impurities.

#4. Balance emotions

If you know your dosha, it’s evident that you will better cope and control your own emotional responses

  • Vata: An emotional weakness of people with vata dosha is the feeling of fear. They should be able to control their level of anxiety and fear.

  • Pitta: These people can be easily irritated and become aggressive. Therefore, anger-management is essential to avoid conflicts.
  • Kalpha: They are usually very empathetic, loyal and humble, but can often develop jealousy.

#5. Unique Body

Often people develop complexities regarding their bodies. However, knowing and understanding the elements of your dosha will help you to accept your body better.

  • Vata: Individuals have thin and delicate body frames.
  • Pitta: Strong and muscular bodies
  • Kalpha: Beautiful body curves and round features

Do you think there are more benefits from knowing your body type? If yes, please share your views with us!

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