Ayurveda – Beauty Comes From Within (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of the Ayurveda beauty treatment series!

Do you still remember what Ayurveda means? If not, allow me to refresh your memory.

Ayurveda refers to the world’s oldest healing system. It is an ancient healing science that covers all the different aspects of life such as health or beauty. It was given various names by scholars such as, “The Science of Life” or “The Mother of all Healing.”

Today, this article will help you to learn more about identifying your body type. So, keep reading!

What is Ayurveda Dosha?

Ayurveda is based on the concept that an individual is born with a life force that consists of five specific elements of nature – earth, air, space, water and fire. These elements help us to understand better who we are and the world around us. A human being needs to have a proper balance of these elements and this balance is called dosha.

The three main doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha and sometimes an individual can possess all the three doshas.

Now let’s dig deep into the three body types and help you to find out which dosha you belong to!

1. Vata

Body Structure: People with vata dosha are known to be physically underdeveloped. They usually have a high metabolism, which means they have light and flexible bodies and generally find it difficult to gain weight. Due to their low muscle growth, their veins, muscle tendons and joints are usually visible. They also have dry and rough skin types. Among the three doshas, people with vata dosha are the most delicate ones.

Lifestyle: Creative and always thinking out of the box, they are also very active and energetic. They are also kind-hearted. However, they tend to have irregular sleeping habits. Their sleeping patterns tend to vary and they sleep less than people from other body types. Moreover, their eating habits include the appreciation of sweets and hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

Nature: Usually, vata people are shy, modest and sensitive. They are talkative and like to speak a lot. One of their strength is that they are very fast-learners and are mentally very quick. However, they tend to have very low self-esteem and are very impatient. As they can be easily affected by anything, they often feel stressed and anxious. Another innate characteristic of vata people is that they can spend money more quickly than people from other doshas.

2. Pitta

Body Structure: People belonging to this body class are usually medium built, have good muscle tone and are very athletic. They are blessed with a healthy metabolism, silky hair and fair and soft skin. However, they can have prematurely grey hair or fall victim to early balding.

Lifestyle: People with pitta tend to have both a strong desire for food and an excellent digestive system. As a result, they can enjoy a healthy appetite. Unlike people with vata, they have comfortable and moderate sleep patterns and are sexually active.

Nature: Intelligent, ambitious and passionate, they tend to be perfectionists. They have good leadership and money management skills. They are also known to have a highly competitive spirit. Their communication habits include talking loudly with passion and these extroverts like to always be the center of attention. However, they can be easily irritated and become aggressive, which often leads to conflicts. These perfectionists are sensitive to hot temperatures and therefore dislike sunlight and prefer cool weather.

3. Kalpha

Body Structure: Those with a predominance of kalpha tend to have large and well-developed bodies. Along with broad chests and strong muscles and bones, they also have fair and oily skin complexion and eyes of the dark or blue shade. Furthermore, they have thick dark hair like Damon Salvatore from the popular TV show Vampire Diaries.

However, some with kalpha dosha can be overweight or tend to gain weight more quickly than the other body types.

Lifestyle: Due to their slower metabolism and digestive system, they have a low appetite but can still enjoy eating lavish food that tastes and smells good. Another characteristic of their way of living is how they love to sleep a lot.

Nature: Kalpha types are very empathetic, calm, patient and romantic. They usually like to be surrounded by their friends and family members and participate in their respective communities. Despite being slow learners, they are very loyal and humble.

Among these three doshas, which one is your body type? Please share your comments!

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