6 Essential Skincare Tips For Men

Let’s face it, guys: you also care about how you look, and just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to do with skincare. While cheap disposable razors, solid soap, and Ax deodorant are commonly used when it comes to men’s skin care, the average man’s skin needs a little extra attention. Here are some tips for healthier, more beautiful skin for men!

1) Do Not Shave Against Hair Growth Direction

The worst thing a man can do when shaving is to go against the growth of the hair. Many men do this for a smoother finish, but at the same time the blades damage the tips of the hair follicles, causing inflammation. The solution is to shave in the hair growth direction and avoid going over an area more than once.

2) Choose The Right Blades

4 blades, 5 blades, battery-powered razors! It seems like every company releases a new blade every year. However, for men with sensitive or acne-prone skin and ingrown hairs, the saying “less is more” often applies. Ingrown hairs usually occur in those with curly, coarse hairs, hairs that grow in different directions. They grow back into the skin and create small red bumps when cut. Multi-blade shavers can remove several hairs in one stroke and are suitable for sensitive skin people. Men who suffer from ingrown hairs should use as few blades as possible, because the hairs are cut shorter and are less likely to grow back into the skin.

Also watch out for nickel allergies! Inflammation may occur near the back of the watch on the wrist or around the belt buckle on the stomach. This may be due to a nickel allergy. Therefore, choose a razor with a titanium blade.

3) Beware of Products That Cause Acne

Acne is said to appear from time to time in everyone, regardless of age; it is a problem for teenagers and many adult males as well. In general, men have more oily skin than women. This is because testosterone promotes sebum production in the hair follicles. One way to prevent acne is to buy only shaving and skincare products that are “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic,” meaning that they do not cause blackheads or whiteheads. For mild to moderate acne, non-comedogenic cleansers with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are best used.

4) Use Water When Shaving

Fact: Dry shaving damages the skin. Friction is created on the blade, and you may need to repeatedly pass over the same area. This increases the risk of cuts, acne, and ingrown hairs. Some men use shaving cream but not water, which is also not a good idea. Moisturize, and your skin will thank you. Advice for men with sensitive skin: shave in the shower or immediately after. Both skin and hair will be soft and supple, making shaving easier.

5) Avoid Aftershave and Perfumed Products

More and more luxury lines for men appear on cosmetics store shelves, but many of these products contain fragrances that irritate the skin. Note: “Fragrance-free” does not mean fragrance-free. For example, some so-called hidden perfumes may remain. You must look to see if the term “sensitive skin” is used. If so, you are good to go.

One of the biggest causes of skin issues is aftershave. It burns and is more of a perfume than a care and is not at all suitable for sensitive skin. Applying a light, oil-free moisturizer is better while the skin is still damp.

6) Be Careful Not to Apply Too Much Moisturizing Cream

When choosing a new moisturizer, always seek the advice of a beautician. If you have dry skin, apply only after washing your face or when your skin is still moist from a shower. Apply a small amount several times a day. Choose a “non-comedogenic” moisturizing lotion or gel. Many creams are heavy and can clog pores.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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