I Have Stinky Feet! How Do I Get Rid of It?

I Have Stinky Feet! How Do I Get Rid of It?

When you’ve been working on a hot, summer day and your feet have been in sneakers all the day, a smelly feet issue is inevitable. Or, kick off your shoes after a long day working out in the gym and you’ll find the really bad mixture of cheese and vinegar – Oooh, boy!

The foot odor is normal in these situations. However, I’m talking about when you’ve had stinky feet all your life. It must have been really hard, especially when you had to remove your socks or shoes during a PE lesson at school, a yoga class or even during family picnics.  

The medical term for smelly feet is known as bromodosis. Your feet doesn’t give off that unpleasant odor because they have more sweat glands compared to other parts of the body, but because of the increase in the build-up of sweat, which consequently causes bacteria to grow on your feet, releasing that repugnant odor.

Compared to someone whose feet are extra sweaty because of an extreme work out, if you have been suffering from this embarrassing problem since you were a kid, you need to adopt a specific lifestyle and crucify certain habits.

Good Foot Hygiene

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Soaking Up

The most effective way to treat stinky feet is to soak your feet for a thorough cleaning. To accomplish this, combine half a cup of Epsom salt with warm water. If you don’t have Epsom salt, you can make your own by combining two parts of warm water and one part of white or apple cider vinegar. ‌

Once a week, soak your feet for up to 20 minutes. Because Epsom salt helps to remove moisture from your skin, bacteria are less likely to congregate. Vinegar also aids in the removal of bacteria from your feet. If you have any open wounds or sores on your feet, you should not soak them.

Keep Foot Dry

Bacteria thrive in humid environments, so keeping your feet dry will be like destroying their habitat. To absorb any moisture or sweat, apply talcum powder to your feet. If your feet are extremely sweaty, try applying antiperspirant to the bottoms of your feet.

Remove your shoes and socks at home to give your feet some fresh air. When possible, wear sandals to reduce sweat. If you must wear close-toed shoes, make sure they are properly fitted. If your socks tend to get sweaty during the day, keep an extra pair or two on hand to replace them when your feet begin to smell.

Shoe and Sock Care

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Using the right type of sock is crucial in getting rid of foot odor. For instance, cotton socks, or wools, and athletic knits can absorb sweat and let your feet breathe.

Furthermore, it’s recommended to change socks everyday.

When it comes to footwear, try not to wear the same shoes on consecutive days to allow them to air out. You can also use a disinfectant spray or an antibacterial powder on your shoes to absorb sweat and keep them dry.

Barefoot Style

By opting to go barefoot, you will allow your feet to air out. For example, spend some time walking barefoot at night – oh and this is limited only to your house.

However, don’t go barefoot too often, especially outside, as this can invite bacteria to live on your feet!

When Should You Consult a Doctor About Stinky Feet?

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Sometimes, even if you have stinky feet for a long time, it’s just a matter of lifestyle and adopting certain self-care measures to get rid of this issue. However, in some cases, food odor could be a sign of a medical condition.

Say your feet continue to stink after you’ve exhausted all treatment options, or if the skin on your foot is red, hot, painful, broken, or weeping, then you need the help of a medical expert.

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