Must-Know Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

If you have an oily skin, almost like a greasy pan, then we understand the stress that you have been living under all this time. However, we have some excellent beauty tips that will help to treat your skin problem and make you fall in love with your skin.

#1. Say Yes to Cleansing

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Cleansing twice a day is ideal, using a gentle cloth, a brush with soft bristles or clean fingers.”

– Edelyn Collado, a head facialist

One of the tested and most simple ways to keep oily skin in check is to cleanse it regularly and keep it clean all the time. It is recommended to wash your face twice or thrice daily so as to get rid of all the accumulated dirt and oil buildup, which usually leads to clogged pores, acne and so on.

· Choose gel-based or foaming cleansers over cream-based or lotion cleansers as they do a much better job at eliminating unnecessary oils and keeping the skin fresh and clean.

· Medicated soaps are also excellent for oily skin.

· You can also look for other products that contain one or more of the following ingredients: Salicylic Acid, tea tree oil, neem, turmeric and honey.

Now, let me add that it is also essential to cleanse your face after you sweat a lot, such as right after a workout. Why? Well, because sweat can irritate breakouts and cause a specific type of acne called acne mechanica.

However, always remember not to resort to abrasive cleaning techniques as it can irritate or strip off your skin of its natural moisture.

#2. Do Not Skip Moisturizer

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Contrary to the popular misconception, oily skin needs moisturizing and hydration. For instance, depriving the skin of moisture will only further motivate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil to compensate.

Therefore, we suggest choosing an oil-free, lightweight, non-comedogenic and water-based formula.

#3. Toners for Oily Skin

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There is much debate among skin-care experts as to whether people with oily skin should use toners or not.

The truth is the real objective of using a toner is to balance the skin’s pH and oil levels and remove dirt from your skin. And, as claimed by Dendy Engelman, a certified dermatologist in New York City, “if you have oily or acne-prone skin, it can be particularly helpful to use a toner.” 

However, it would be best to avoid alcohol-based toners as they are not true toners and can strip your skin and encourage further oil production. Instead, use an alcohol-free toner regularly and you will see the difference in your skin.

#4. Exfoliate Regularly

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One of the best tips for oily skin is to exfoliate the skin at least once or twice a week. The dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, produced by the excess sebum, can lead to pimples, acne, whiteheads, blackheads and obviously a dull-looking skin. If you want to remove these dead skin cells and dirt, you need to include exfoliation in your skincare routine.

But, even if exfoliating can help to clear your pores, you should avoid the grainiest scrubs. “Exfoliating with aggressive physical exfoliants can result in broken capillaries and spread bacteria to other open skin or enlarged pores,” said Edelyn Collado. That is why it is recommended to go for non-abrasive exfoliants with ingredients such as salicylic, lactic and glycolic acid.

#5. Use an Astringent

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The best way to deal with oily skin is to include a good astringent in your routine. Astringents are like toners and can work wonders on the skin, except they are made especially for oily skin types. They can tighten the pores and remove the excess oil. In addition, they can reduce skin inflammation and redness and help to fight against bacterial infections.

To use, take a cotton ball or cotton pad, soak it with the astringent and wipe over your entire face and neck area. This can be done after cleansing but right before applying your moisturizers.

Will you follow these tips? Please share your comments!

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  1. The article was beneficial and informative. The things mentioned for a skincare regime for a person with oily skin will make a difference after applying them, as oily skin is hard to maintain. I Will try those out, looking forward to more such articles about skincare.

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