Reflexology – Much More Than Just a Foot Massage

Many people think of reflexology as foot massage and nothing else. If you are one of these people, let me enlighten you. Maybe now you are reading the article that can change your mind. The following paragraphs will discuss reflexology and explain the facts about it. If you are looking for information that will clarify the various misconceptions about reflexology, you are on the right track.

Health Benefits Of Reflexology — BAO FOOT SPA

Reflexology is a technique in which a qualified therapist applies pressure with the thumb and fingers to points on the hands, feet or even ears. These areas are the reflex points for the body. These reflex points connect to specific parts of the body and when massaged, pain or an imbalance in that specific area is gently eliminated. When your body system is not working properly, deposits of calcium, minerals and uric acid can form in the reflex points, which ultimately hinders the proper circulation of blood. An experienced reflexologist can apply massage techniques to break down these deposits and restore normal function.

Studies also show that 75% of ailments and diseases are caused by stress. The first thing you can do to prevent stress-related illnesses is to rest and relax. This is where reflexology comes in. By focusing on the reflex points, you can help your body relax by normalizing your blood flow and calming the nerves so that the body can receive the full reflexology benefits.

Your hands and feet have countless nerve endings that all connect to different parts of your body. Once you have found and massaged the right areas of your feet or hands, you can stimulate the affected areas of your body. Although reflexology can also be applied to the hands, most reflexologists prefer to treat the feet because they are larger and easier to massage. This is why most people confuse reflexology with just a foot massage.

Hand reflexology is best for patients who don’t like their feet being touched or looked at, and is ideal for people who complain of discomfort in their hands, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Reflexology applied to the hands can be done anywhere without feeling uncomfortable unlike foot reflexology. However, because your hands are sometimes overused, they can become less sensitive and this can sometimes affect the effectiveness of this form of reflexology.

Reflexology and Reiki | Wellbeing People

In this day and age, more and more people are switching to alternative treatments such as reflexology and this may be because it promises no side effects. Reflexology may take a few treatments before you feel its effects, but soon you will realize that it is indeed useful and very effective. If you want to learn where to apply pressure and on which reflex points, reflexology pictures and cards are available. But if you want an in-depth education in reflexology, taking a reflexology program or course is highly recommended.

You can try the techniques you learn on yourself, but reflexology is better when practiced by someone else because it allows you to relax more, making the body’s healing energy stronger. There is plenty of material to help you gain knowledge about the proper reflexology points and pressure, or you can take evening courses to help you get the information you need for your home treatments or your own personal sessions.

However, if you plan to use your knowledge and training professionally, you can begin practicing reflexology on your family and friends. This serves two purposes: you introduce them to the benefits of reflexology and you gain experience and feedback. Remember that reflexology is only effective when done correctly, so make sure you don’t try to do it without the proper research and training.

Reflexology has long been misunderstood, but is finally being recognized as more than just a foot massage. There is a science behind the treatment, and the beneficial results are well documented.

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