9 Tricks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

You don’t have to spray perfume from head to toe to make the fragrance last longer. Here are a few tips that can help prolong the duration of your favourite scent.

1) Choose Eau de Parfum

If you’re not sure whether to choose eau de parfum or eau de toilette (or eau de cologne), always choose eau de parfum. Why? The result is a stronger, more concentrated scent that lasts longer on the skin due to the higher concentration of essential and aromatic oils.

2) Do Not Rub the Perfume

A common mistake is to spray the perfume and rub the area. Although the fragrance appears more quickly, it dissipates with the same agility. A great tip to save perfume is to apply it to the point where you can feel the pulse (the warmer the place, the better the perfume will activate). We are talking about areas like the neck, wrists and behind the ears, and the inside of elbows.

3) Store in the Right Place

Changes in temperature and light, as well as humidity, are factors that can compromise the durability and quality of a perfume. For this reason, contrary to what one might imagine, bathrooms, shelves and dressing rooms are not the best storage places, as they suffer directly from these three factors. A great tip is to keep your bottles protected by storing them in a closet or a drawer that is rarely used. If you still have the original boxes of the products, try to use them to maintain their quality without exposing the perfume to heat, light or humidity.

4) Put the Perfume on After You Take a Shower

This is the best time to put perfume on your skin. Your skin will be hydrated and moisturized and make the fragrance last longer. So, instead of waiting to leave the house to do it, do it immediately after showering. Your moisturizing cream will almost act as a primer for the perfume.

5) Choose Stronger Fragrances

Citrus fruits, floral and fresh scents and colonies have light ingredients, with rapid evaporation and less absorption, which reduces the fragrance quickly. On the other hand, products with woody, oriental and sweet notes are made from stronger scents, which prolong its durability. When you buy one of the liquids, consider the notes and characteristics contained in them, which will make a huge difference when it comes to enjoying the aromas throughout the day.

6) Change Your Perfume Usage

Using a particular scent for an extended time can make you no longer smell it. With this, you may end up overdoing the fragrance and spending more perfume than you need. The best way to avoid this effect is to change your perfume.

7) Use Till the Last Drop

When the perfume is nearly over, and you have difficulty using it, open the bottle and pour the last few drops into an unscented moisturizing lotion. This will make the fragrance last longer.

8) Apply to Hair and Clothing

Of course the perfume has been formulated to be applied to the skin, but do not underestimate the power of clothes and hair. Both are excellent perfume conductors. Try it and spray the perfume into the hair, scarf or shirt (just make sure it is relatively far away from the fabric to avoid unnecessary stains). Then see the reactions.

9) Build Layers of Scent

To make a perfume last longer, another good technique is to create layers of scents from the same fragrance. Without exaggeration, of course! After bathing, spray some of the liquid in the strategic places you have already learned. Let the product dry, apply the moisturizer, put on your clothes and then renew the fragrance at the same points to accumulate more aromatic particles.

Do you have any other tips in mind? Share it with us in the comments below!

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